Top Swindon Firework Extravaganzas This Autumn


Bonfire Night has a distinctive magic of its own, one reminiscent of wearing gloves, scarves and wellies, of delicious hot dogs sprinkled with fried onion and mustard, of hot chocolate and steaming tea, of the simple, primal experience of a community gathering around a great burning flame. It has always felt like the pinnacle of autumn, the precipice of winter, and a rather loving tradition for one characterised by burning effigies and lighting the sky with phantasmagoric explosions. Here are the best fireworks shows happening near you this bonfire season.

Lydiard Park Bonfire and Fireworks Display 2019

The author admits to fond memories of traipsing from Middleleaze to Lydiard Park in search of warmth and a dazzling bonanza in the sky. The event is West Swindon’s premier display, extravagant, loud and striking. Organised by and in support of the 1st Purton and Lydiard scouts, expect sizzling burgers and sausages, glow wands dancing in the dark, a communal atmosphere and lots of fun. Please note that this event is cash only at the gate, as are many of the events on this list.

Swindon Lions Firework Spectacular and Funfair 2019

The Lions are an interconnected global organisation of volunteering clubs that aim to utilise local leadership, expertise and goodwill to serve local communities. Swindon’s own Lions Club, founded in 1964 and one of the 48000 clubs worldwide, holds its largest annual event at the Swindon Polo Ground on Marlborough Road. On the 2nd of November, the event will be opened with a set by Phoebe Maddison, whose delightful performances on The Voice Kids are a local point of pride. Graham Seaman from BBC Wiltshire will be hosting, and not just that, but Pudsey Bear will be making an appearance! The only thing that would make this event complete would be a fun fair. Well, guess what. There’s totally going to be a fun fair.

Roves Farm Bonfire & Fireworks

What makes the Roves Farm firework experience distinctive is, of course, the sheer quantity of chickens and cows in the audience. Beyond that, it’s the softer, more gentle evening on offer. The event bills itself as ‘No BIG Bangs, Lots Of Sparkle’, and more sparkle could never be a bad thing. As well as the farm itself lending an authentic charm to proceedings, the small-thrills nature of this event is perfect for those who have very young children or are bringing along those more infirm or appreciative of the quieter things in life. The bonfire, we hear, will be appropriately massive. And once you are warm, happy and have selected your favorite llama, there are plenty of other attractions and entertainments to pad out what is sure to be a magical evening.

Swindon Cricket Club Family Bonfire and Fireworks

Last and certainly not least on our explosive list is the Swindon Cricket Club autumnal celebration. Back by popular demand, this is another event geared towards the little ‘uns, with a DJ present to spin popular tunes to have the whole family dancing in the moonlight. Tickets for this event have sold out in the past, so it’s advised to get in early if this is your extravaganza of choice. There will be a bar and plenty of delectable options for those in need of a tipple or something tasty in a bun. Parking is limited, so plan well to get the most out of your experience.

So that’s it! Our picks for the best firework events happening in and around town this autumn. Wherever you choose, wrap up warm, slip on some sturdy boots and prepare to have a great deal of fun. We’re sure you’ll have a blast. Ahem.