Top 10 places to walk near Swindon


Here are 10 great walks in and around Swindon that you will find on the Wiltshire Walks app.

Barbury Castle 2 walks of 1.25 miles and 8.5 miles

The first walk is a lovely walk up a hill to visit the site of an iron age hill fort called Barbury Castle, not far from Swindon. Plenty of history and lovely views on offer with this short walk. If you fancy something longer, the second walk is around the Ogbourne and Coombe Downs. You'll enjoy lots of fresh air, lots of hill walking, great views and a visit to the Ogbourne villages.

Ashbury 4 walks from 2.25 miles to 8.75 miles

We have four walks from Ashbury, only a short drive from Swindon. The first is a short and lovely walk with some moderate hill climbing involved and excellent views. You'll visit the pretty village of Ashbury with its pub and lovely tea room, and ramble through the Kingstone Coombes.

The second is a wonderful but strenuous walk in the North Wessex Downs. You'll visit the pretty village of Ashbury with it's pub and tea room, discover ancient history at the Waylands Smithy Long Barrow and enjoy plenty of fresh air and wonderful views on the way.

The third route takes you south of the car park on a lovely walk around the North Wessex Downs. On this route you will enjoy lots of lovely fresh air and views as well as visiting the Waylands Smithy Long Barrow. On top of this, it will also take you around the outside of the grounds of Ashdown Park and visit the site of Alfred's castle.

The last route is a truly epic walk from this car park that really enjoys a lot of what the North Wessex Downs has to offer. You'll visit the pretty village of Ashbury where you'll find a nice pub, meander through the historical sites of Waylands Smithy and Alfred's castle, walk around the grounds of Ashdown park and enjoy plenty of open countryside and wonderful views across the downs.

Great Coxwell 3.75 mile walk

A short trip across the border into Oxfordshire, you'll find this lovely circular walk from the Great Coxwell Barn. It visits some open countryside, some woodland, the village of Great Coxwell and Badbury Hill.

Savernake Forest 2 walks of 1.75 miles and 6 miles

The first walk is a short and simple walk around the majestic Savernake Forest and you'll be able to enjoy lots of walking trails, picnic spots and ancient trees. If you have more time, the second walk is a much longer woodland walk that takes you right into the heart of the Savernake Forest.

Coate Water 1.75 mile walk

This is a nice casual wheel-friendly walk around the lake at the Coate Water Country Park, located in Swindon. The pub is at the entrance to the park.

Lydiard Country Park 1.5 mile walk

This is a lovely and simple stroll around Lydiard Park, Swindon. It has a beautiful old house, woodland, open grassy areas and a lake to enjoy.

Marlborough Downs 2 walks of 3.75 miles and 7.25 miles

You can expect lots of lovely views on this walk around the Marlborough Downs. The first route is relatively short and takes you to Rough Hill so expect some climbing. The second route is 7.25 miles and is a longer walk around the Marlborough Downs which takes you all the way to Rockley and walks along the White Horse Trail. This is quite a strenuous walk, so be prepared, but it's all worth it for the views.

Stanton Park 1 mile walk

This is another delightful family-friendly stroll on solid paths around the wonderful Stanton Park, near to Swindon. It's only a short walk but it packs in some lovely lakeside, woodland and countryside walking. You can also pop into the majestic Stanton House Hotel for refreshments as part of your walk, making this a great day out.

Uffington 5.5 mile walk

This one is a few miles over the border into Oxfordshire, but it's close enough to Swindon to include this walk in the list and on the app. The walk includes the iconic Uffington White Horse and on this route expect wonderful views and some moderate climbing.

Coleshill 2 walks of 2.5 miles and 7 miles

The first walk is just over the county border with Oxfordshire and not too far from Swindon. This walk is a nice stroll around the pretty village of Coleshill and the pretty grounds of Coleshill Park. There is a little section of roadside walking on this route. The second route is a lovely long and varied adventure that visits Coleshill Park, Badbury Hill, lots of open countryside and the villages of Coleshill and Great Coxwell. There is a small section of road walking on this route.

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