Swindon Wildcats Confirm Pre-Game Fixtures


After a lengthy summer so far and as the calendar flicks over into July, The Bespoke Guardians Swindon Wildcats are pleased to announce the dates on which they will be stepping back out onto the ice in front of the Link Centre crowd.

The 22/23 pre-season schedule is as follows (Home games in bold):

Friday 2nd September – Home vs Bristol Pitbulls

Saturday 3rd September – Away vs Bristol Pitbulls

Saturday 10th September – Home vs Telford Tigers

Sunday 11th September – Away vs Telford Tigers

As you can see from the schedule this year, Swindon Wildcats will be taking on the League Champions as well as one of the newest formed National League sides.

The excitement surrounding Bristol joining the National league has been big this summer and has been felt no more than by the Wildcat fans. The Wildcats are eager to get their first matchup underway and aim to build a rivalry with a team who are the closest geographically to the Better Link Centre.

They also have a few very familiar names on their roster who’ve spent time with the Wildcats before, with names such as Adam Harding, Tyler Perre, Sam Smith and Josh Shaw on their roster.

As for Telford, they’re the league champions and have recently re-signed Head Coach Tom Watkins who’ll be putting together a tough line-up to look for another league title.

Wildcats Head Coach Aaron Nell said:

“Confirming pre-season is always an exciting time of year as it gives the fans a date to look forward to for the new season. This year it’s doubly exciting because we’ll be taking on Bristol. Hopefully these will be the first matches in a long healthy rivalry with them, I know our team can’t wait to get started."

"Telford are the league champions, and we’ve had two league title battles with them over the last few years and they’ll be a good team to see how we match up with before the regular season. Tom will have a good team in Telford and all four games will be very tough."

"Hockey is coming back, and we’ll see you there!”

These home games will be included in 22/23 Season Tickets.