Free parking every Sunday in Swindon town centre’s car parks.


Sunday shopping has always had its converts. It’s a good day to beat the crowds, you can make a pit stop for a traditional pub roast, and there’s nothing much on the telly. But now there is an extra reason for shopping in Swindon town centre on Sundays – free parking for all-comers!

More than a dozen car parks in Swindon town centre, including the multi-storey Brunel car parks, are now offering no strings attached, free parking every Sunday.

“This is great news for the town centre,” says Topshop store manager, Tanya Peters. “It will definitely bring in more people as parking prices have been one of the biggest reasons for people not coming into town on a Sunday. It will bring us in line with other towns that offer this and with great success.”

Swindon town centre offers an appealing mix of big high street retailers like M&S, BHS and H&M, and more quirky independent boutiques, not to mention a diverse range of pubs and restaurants, including the very funky The Crossing Food Court, which offers an appetizing variety of world foods and has become a real hit among discerning shoppers.

Sunday may be a day of rest, but in our 24/7 economy it’s increasingly becoming a day of shopping, too. And now you can shop ‘til you drop in Swindon town centre on Sundays without worrying about where to park and how much it will cost.

Where to park for free in Swindon town centre on Sundays.

  • Brunel North multi-storey car park
  • Brunel West multi-storey car park
  • Catherine Street car park
  • Cheltenham Street car park
  • Fleming Way multi-storey car park
  • Granville Street car park
  • Market Square - pay on street bays
  • Princes Street car park
  • Queen Street car park
  • Regent Close car park
  • Sanford Street - pay on street bays
  • Spring Gardens multi-storey car park
  • The Parade multi-storey car park
  • Whalebridge multi-storey car park
  • Wyvern car park

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