Fiesta de Cuba brings a taste of the Caribbean to Swindon food scene


Cuba is famous for its delicious cuisine, classic rum cocktails and captivating music. Now all three can be enjoyed in Swindon at Fiesta de Cuba, a brand-new restaurant at the Greenbridge retail park.

Visit Swindon caught up with General Manager Tom Steele to discuss this welcome addition to Swindon's food offering.

"We have been wanting to do Cuban cuisine for many years now as we believe it’s a real niche in the market and also something that is very exciting for Swindon to have," says Tom. "We spent some good time studying and looking into the cuisine and culture of the food and drinks. The food is very similar to Mexican, Caribbean and Spanish food all linked into one, so it gives you a very broad taste of it all."

Fiesta de Cuba Swindon neon

"For the décor we wanted bright colours and lights to really make it stand out so when people look inside they want to come and see the amazing art work and designs we have put together. The building has lots of natural light which we thought wasn’t being used very well with the colour scheme."

"We have used lots of light blues, oranges and yellows, which works really well with the Cuban style. We also believe the colours and lights really add to the atmosphere, we want to make it feel like you are sipping your rum in Cuba!"

Tom continues: "The response has been amazing so far, we have got ourselves off to a really strong start with some great customer feedback on all food, drinks and service. We still have lots we would like to improve and develop within the restaurant but we are pleased with the strong start."

Fiesta de Cuba Swindon wall art

"All the staff have really brought into our idea and have helped us start as strong as we have, so long may this continue. Everyone is welcome to try us out, from families, to younger people and older people looking to have an entertaining evening."

"Our menu has lots to offer from our traditional Cuban sandwiches which are filled with many different options, a variety of tapas dishes that we offer at 3 for £14, with these you can get meat, fish, veggie and vegan options."

"Our main plate dishes that we offer are seen to be very popular as well. Ropa Vieja and Picadillo, two of the most popular dishes you’ll find in Cuba, are made freshly in store every day with top quality products and chefs. We also offer the classics that we know everyone can enjoy, Burritos, Fajitas and Tacos all with a different selection of toppings."

Fiesta de Cuba cocktails

"The cocktail menu that was proudly made by our Head Bartender Oliver has been a really big selling point so far. We have a selection of rum cocktails, tequila cocktails and classic cocktails that we believe everyone can enjoy. If you haven’t tried yet be sure to come by and give the cocktails a try on our 2-4-1 deal that we run from 12:00 until 19:00 and on the weekend again from 22:00 till late."

"We have already had a few DJ nights that have proved to be really popular, we also had a traditional Cuban band that we are looking to get back once a month! A night for salsa dancing and singing is our next idea that we would love to bring to the people of Swindon and Wiltshire."

"If you haven’t yet tried us then we will look forward to seeing many more faces visiting, we cant wait to share this experience with the local people of Swindon, we really believe we can add something that has been missing!"