Heading into the 22-23 Planet Ice NIHL National Division, the on-ice preparations are well underway for the team to return to the ice in just under two weeks.

Off the ice, work has been ongoing at Wildcats HQ to further enhance the match night experience at the Better Link Centre.

Coming to Wildcats games is about so much more than just the hockey, it’s a night out for all the family to enjoy and the club is excited to reveal what they have planned for the new season.

Last season was a strange one with Covid still looming, having a major impact on things we could and couldn’t do, now the game night possibilities are endless!

At the end of last season, Swindon Wildcats reached out to their fanbase with a survey about match night catering. Following feedback, Swindon Wildcats are delighted to confirm they will now be selling a variety of hot food options up on the first floor concourse on game nights.

Wildcats celebration

Wildcats will also be increasing their game night entertainment, they be bringing you live music and also more period break activities such as figure skating or junior hockey scrimmages. Fans love watching the talent of tomorrow in the SWIHA junior programme and hopefully you’ll see some future Wildcats on the ice in the period breaks.

Swindon Wildcats are also making changes to access on game nights. They want to try and avoid the heavy queues, making the ice rink and shop more accessible to fans pre-game. Wildcats want to bring back that energetic atmosphere to the first floor concourse and they certainly have some things up their sleeve to make this happen.

Wildcats III

Finally, and probably the most exciting, Wildcats are delighted to announce that post-match player signings will be coming back on gameday. Two players will be coming up to the signing table after the game, so you get the opportunity to meet your favourite Wildcat players each week! Keep an eye out on the Wildcats social media and website to find out which players will be signing!

The club is super excited to be bringing these features in to enhance the gameday experience for fans. Wildcats hope this makes your game day experience one to remember.

See you in September!



Photography Credit: KLM Photography