Eastbrook Experiences announce courses for 2023


Based in Bishopstone, just outside Swindon, Helen Browning's is an organic farm with a wealth of wildlife and nature to explore.

It also has a great team of experts and enthusiasts keen to share their knowledge.

Eastbrook Experiences offers a range of workshops, courses and activities designed to bring you closer to nature and learn more about this fantastic world we live in.

"A few months ago we sat down to think about how we could best combine the abundant natural resources we have on the farm and the amazing people we have the pleasure of working with."

"We love sharing knowledge and so our new horticultural and agroforestry courses were born!"

"The horticulture courses are aimed at a domestic setting, be that containers on your balcony or a full-size allotment. You can have years of pottering under your belt or have finally bagged yourself your first outdoor space, we're sure you'll learn loads as well as gain gardening confidence."

agroforestry at Eastbrook Experiences

"Our agroforestry days are for those with larger scale in mind - farmers, landowners, land managers. We know there are lots out there who may have heard about agroforestry but want to learn more. We have three days to guide you through each step. Book one, book all, you decide!"

For more details and to book go to eastbrookexperiences.com/courses-workshops