Craving Five Guys? Here’s Some Welcome News...


So, we have some terribly exciting news. News that will leave stomachs growling and mouths salivating in anticipation. It is widely known that there are certain establishments that turn a town into a notable landmark: A noble university. A historic cathedral. But, in lieu of those, it is the presence of a Five Guys that elevates the status of a town above its peers. And luckily enough, the Swindon Designer Outlet will soon be blessed by one of these resplendent burger bars.

The tongue was firmly within the cheek when writing that first paragraph, but anybody who has eaten at a Five Guys knows that this is a bigger deal than it seems. The Five Guys philosophy is simple: fresh, customizable, and family-run. This elite chain of fast-food goodness omits freezers, timers, microwaves and can-openers from their sites, focussing instead on instinctive cooking, pristine ingredients, and the recognition of peak aroma and texture on the fryer. Chips are hand-cut and other ingredients prepped daily on-site to preserve freshness and impact, and the beef is grain-finished for one hundred and twenty days before shipment from Ireland to ensure the marbled texture perfect for mince. It is American burger and chips, simplified and refined.

Basically, when people mention Five Guys, somebody usually responds with, ‘oh my god, I love Five Guys.’ It has a reputation. And the good people of Swindon do not have to wait long for their first bite. The Designer Outlet Five Guys in Unit 90 (where Ed’s Diner used to be) opens Monday 27th January--also known as today. Yes, the decor of a Five Guys may perhaps be more sterile than the retro Fifties charisma of an Ed’s, but this is an intentional choice; the focus is always on the flavour and the efficiency of the service.

Another great feature of the Five Guys brand is the vast customization on offer. Their website claims that there are over two hundred thousand potential combinations of burger, and all the individual toppings are included in the price. Classic bun-fillers are cooked to perfection, such as crispy onion, spicy jalapeno, grilled mushrooms and juicy tomato, as well as a range of sauces and relishes in accompaniment. The milkshakes also benefit from the personal treatment; stir in coffee, oreo cookie, peanut butter or salted caramel (as just a few examples) as part of the standard package. It’s safe to say that each Five Guys experience could be a new adventure, if you don’t find yourself quickly addicted to your favourite combo.

Though there are other drinks, dogs and grilled sandwiches on offer, Five Guys is unlikely to be the first choice for many vegetarians and vegans will sadly have quite a limited choice on offer. But for the enthusiastic carnivores amongst you, Five Guys is likely to become a fast favourite, and an essential refuge from the whirlwind of fashionable shopping at the Outlet. If you’re looking for a new position in catering and service, it may prove fruitful to keep your eyes peeled on the Five Guys Careers Page. At the time of writing, they are still seeking a full time Assistant Manager--so have those CVs at the ready! Five Guys opens on Monday January 27th in Unit 90 of the Swindon Designer Outlet.