Be Well, Eat Local. In Swindon.


Healthy eating? Bah, humbug! Or at least, that’s the attitude of many who may not have yet tried the very best of Swindon’s healthier culinary options. As we shift gear into a brand new year, where many of us, including our friends, family and colleagues, are looking to shake up old habits and swap that maccy d’s for something with a more of a nutritional crunch, we should all be open to learning more about Swindon’s greener eateries and delicatessens. After all, support from those closest to us really has an impact on whether we achieve our goals or not. Showing that extra level of support by taking a friend to a healthy lunch when they’re looking to switch up their habits can be a wonderfully supportive gesture.

So, with that in mind, here’s our countdown of locations to visit in the new year to fuel your body, mind, soul and stomach.


The Core

4 Devizes Rd, Swindon SN1 4BJ

The Core is, in all respects, an excellent name for a juicery. This dynamic kitchen in Old Town is more than just a typical restaurant, it’s a palace for natural lifestyle enthusiasts. The business has a philosophy that most of us are (sadly) undernourished due to the amount of over-processed ‘dead foods’ in our diets and aims to direct customers to wholesome, invigorating alternatives. As well as offering a complete range of juices and smoothies, The Core also offers delicious brunch options, superfood bowls and lunches. The founder of the business has opened juiceries all around the world and is confident that The Core will help Swindoners redefine their relationship to their diets. This venue is perfect for vegans and vegetarians, too. Delicious!


The Greek Olive

141 Faringdon Rd, Swindon SN1 5DL

The Mediterranean Diet has attracted strong attention due to its focus on leafy greens, wholesome healthy fats and lean meats. The Greek Olive, a welcoming and authentic eatery on Faringdon Road, is one of Swindon’s best options for this popular cuisine. Mains here are often served with grilled vegetables and light feta cheese, or delectable creamy mushrooms and, of course, olives. The Prawn Saganaki, prawns in a tomato sauce with peppers and onions, is a prime combination for fuelling your day with gratifying feel-good energy. There are certainly ways to overdo it if you aren’t careful, but if you have the presence of mind to figure out what to order before temptation strikes then you’re going to have a fabulous health-kick that satisfies the taste buds.



Old Town - 3 Wood St, Swindon SN1 4AN
Town Centre - The Crossing Brunel Centre, Swindon SN1 1FL

We were hardly going to assemble a list of gorgeous lunches in Swindon without including Eggelicious, were we? This ever-popular midday power meal has had its horizons broadened in recent years, with its original outlet in the tented market moving to the Brunel Shopping Centre and a second store in the center of Old Town. There’s a good reason why! Eggelicious wraps aren’t just packed full of essential nutrients, but they’re fully customisable to reflect your dietary and culinary requirements. If you’re avoiding carbs, no problem at all! There’s an option for that. Vegans and vegetarians can fill themselves to their heart’s content with a wealth of options including sweet potato mix, seasoned beans, and tanka peas. If you’re craving a hit of omega-3 (as we all sometimes do) the Friday-Saturday special Masala Fish is an utter showstopper of a treat!


Kutting Chai

31 Morley street, Swindon, SN1 1SG

This is a far cry from your indulgent weekend korma takeaway. This is authentic Indian street food done right. It’s an array of Bombay delights that’ll fuel a healthy eater post-workout. Protein-rich chickpeas, tangy yoghurt, chopped salad and mouth-watering potato are all staples on this flavoursome menu. Again, it’s certainly impossible to overdo it as the small plates are deceptively filling! But the quality of the food and service is unquestionable, and a well-planned healthy diet can easily accommodate these exotic delicacies.