On Sunday 19 June, The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, with a history stretching back to William Shakespeare himself, present the sparkling comedy, As You Like It, to Swindon audiences at the Town Gardens Bowl.

South Swindon Parish Council are thrilled to be launching their exciting season of theatre and music events in the Town Gardens with this spectacular production and, with less than two weeks to go, there has never been a better time to book your tickets.

Following last year’s hugely successful tour of Macbeth, The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, leading proponents of open-air theatre for more than 15 years, alongside South Swindon Parish Council, invite new audiences to experience this unique and accessible theatre company in the heart of Swindon’s Old Town for the first time ever.

Talking about the thrill of seeing theatre in the open air, Peter Stickney, Artistic Director and Producer says, “Experiencing Shakespeare’s productions outside, where he first saw them, is a truly special thing. As the light fades and the moon shines bright, it is thrilling to think that we are looking at the same moon Shakespeare did whilst we listen to words he wrote more than 400 years ago."

As You Like It Swindon Bowl

"As we have all discovered from last year, seeing theatre outdoors is not only magical but safer too. We will continue to provide extraordinary entertainment at extraordinary venues whilst also providing somewhere audiences can more freely and happily enjoy themselves."

"We have been lucky enough to make and enjoy theatre in special outdoor settings for many years and I hope those looking to experience top-quality theatre will join us to enjoy this unique theatrical experience.”

Speaking about what audiences can expect this summer he said, “As You Like It is a wonderfully warm, funny and rich play. We follow our main characters as they flee or are exiled from the court to set up new lives in the Forest of Arden."

"There they find love, freedom and, ultimately, happiness. There is clearly much to be said for running away to the countryside and starting again! There will be plenty of songs and laughs, some classic Shakespearean cross-dressing confusion and a spot of wrestling."

As You Like it dancers Swindon Bowl

This play has one of Shakespeare’s strongest and most recognised heroines, Rosalind. Determined, passionate and with a razor-sharp wit she refuses to be brought down by her circumstances and the world around her.

When she is exiled from the court, she disguises herself by dressing up as the shepherd Ganymede and sets about the challenge of solving everyone’s problems and, eventually, even her own.

In our production, as in Shakespeare’s day, there will be an extra layer of fun and intrigue as a man will be playing a woman who is dressed as a man whilst, at times, pretending to be a woman!”

Tickets for As You Like It at the Town Gardens Bowl on Sunday 19 June at 6.30pm are available to book online at