Where: Various locations including Swindon Arts Centre and Lower Shaw Farm

When: Monday 1st May to Sunday 7th May, 2023

Thirty years ago, we conducted an experiment, in Swindon.

We invited authors to town, to talk with us about their books, to share their ideas, and to explore how best to live life, not just in Swindon but anywhere in the world.

The experiment worked, at least in one sense, because now, three decades later, we are still doing the same thing: inviting authors, asking questions, and exploring ideas.

Ours is a Festival which has faith in its followers and believes them eager to find out more about the world’s mysteries and to be kept in touch with good reading, brave talking, and new ideas.

So, from 1st to 7th May this year, we expect enjoyable, interesting, challenging, informative, unpredictable, funny, and even memorable things to happen, in Swindon.

There will be events daily, at midday, afternoon, teatime, and in the evening, carefully spaced and placed to enable you to attend as many as your own timetable and stamina allow.

Matt Holland, Festival Organiser