Sam Avery: Role Model

Where: Swindon Arts Centre
When: 11.06.22

Sam needs to step up.

With two children looking to him for guidance, it’s high-time he evolved into the role model he always thought he’d be. But he didn’t sleep well last night and being a hero is harder than it looks. Plus, he forgot to put the bins out and now his wife hates him.

In this side-splitting new stand-up show, Sam explores what it means to be a role model in modern Britain, how the people he looked up to shaped his world, and how the struggle to help his kids find their moral compass often causes him to misplace his own.

Can you be a role model on four hours sleep?  Can you mentor someone who thinks you’re a moron?  And how do you change the world if you can’t even clean your kitchen?

Age Restriction: 16+

Tickets: £20.00

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