Ring the Bells

When: 26-29 January 2022
Where: Swindon Arts Centre

Rehearsals are well underway and going well for the Phoenix Players production which will be at Swindon Arts Centre from Wednesday to Saturday 26th - 29th January 2022 at 7.30.pm. The play is a comedy, Ding Dong by Marc Camoletti and Tudor Gates and will be just the thing to chase away the winter blues now the festive season is over. Bernard is married to Jacqueline who is having an affair with Robert who pays a call girl to pose as his wife. Add a surprise appearance by Robert's actual wife Juliette, mix in a maid who can only cater with what she finds left in the freezer and you have the perfect recipe for a very awkward dinner party?.

Ticket prices are £12 with concessions at £10 and can be reserved from Pauline on 07517 698083 or by e-mail bookings@phoenix-players.com. The Phoenix Players would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and we hope that 2022 will bring a brighter future for everyone.