Halloween 2019 Ghost Hunt of Haunted Hanger C2 at RAF Wroughton Swindon

Date: 2nd November 2019

Location: Wroughton Airfield, Wroughton

Ghost Hunter Tours Head to Swindon again this Halloween to investigate the very haunted hanger C2 - the hanger is very active with people seeing , hearing and sensing events and sightings that they just cant explain !! Y You have been warned!!

We have investigated this venue before after the owners called us in themselves due to incidents at the venue. It is probably one of the most overpowering spirit filled venues we have been to in 15 years and NOT for the faint hearted The hanger is now used as a karting track but it dates back to D Day. Spirit are predominantly experienced through noise and feelings as well as being seen walking around at this venue. We must say again about this venue its not for the faint hearted !! Over 18's only please

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