As You Like It

Where: Theatre At The Bowl, Town Gardens, Swindon, SN1 4EW

When: Sunday 19th June, 2022

The Lord Chamberlain's Men - with a history stretching back to William Shakespeare himself - invite you to join them this summer for the sparkling comedy, As You Like It.

One of the UK's finest touring theatre companies present this great play as Shakespeare first saw it performed - in the open air, by an all male cast and with Elizabethan costumes, music and dance.

Separately, Rosalind and her dear friend Celia, the noble Orlando, and the usurped Duke Senior and his courtiers get banished and set up new lives in the Forest of Arden.

Free from the constraints of their former lives, lovers tussle, wits and fools spar, familial bonds are challenged, and everyone wrestles with what it really means to be yourself.

In exile they become exultant as true love and true identity is found in the forest. This rustic romp packed with music, laughs, cross-dressing confusion and a dash of wrestling will keep you smiling to the last.


Adult £17 + £1.92 fee

Under 18s £11 + £1.45 fee

2 Adults 2 Children £50 + £4.49 fee